In order to support student online safety at school and at home with the implementation of 1:1 devices in the Newman-Crows Landing USD, we have partnered with a web filtering company, Securly.

Securly is a filtering system that provides web filtering for educational organizations. It is enabled 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, no matter the location of your child’s Chromebook. Securly not only filters web content for students but also enables us to communicate device usage with parents.

Securly has a parent portal which will allow you to more fully understand and participate in your child’s online experience. One of the features will allow you to receive a summarized weekly activity report of your child’s productivity on the Internet. As we work with you to implement the parent portal, you will have the opportunity to further define which websites your child will be able to access, as well as the time of day such web content can be retrieved.

We will be setting up parent access based on the information in PowerSchool. Please make sure your email is provided when registering your student on PowerSchool at the beginning of the school year. If there are any changes in this email (new or different email), please update on PowerSchool AND call your school office so we can make the appropriate changes on Securly. If you are not receiving reports and would like to sign up, please call your school office to add your email to your student's PowerSchool account.