Why the change to the early release policy?

The early release policy for the 2016-2017 school year was not in line with Ed code. Education code states:

Section 8483(a)(2): It is the intent of the Legislature that elementary school pupils participate in the full day of the program every day during which pupils participate and that pupils in middle school or junior high school attend a minimum of nine hours a week and three days a week to accomplish program goals.


   On the shortness of life

The full day of the program is from the end of the school day until 6pm. The district felt that this would be too long of a day for elementary students and adjusted the early release policy to state the following:

NCLUSD is allowing parents to checkout their children starting 2 hours after the program starts without an early release checkout reason. If checked out before the 2 hour mark, please mark down the early release code associated with the reason for the student’s early release from the program.


   On the shortness of life

  1. Off-site enrichment programs

  2. Family emergency

  3. Family needs

  4. Medical appointment

  5. Transportation

  6. Child accident/injury

  7. Safety issues (darkness, weather)

  8. Participation in school athletic programs and team sports

Requiring the students to stay in the program for two hours allows the student to take full benefit of the program, which includes an academic hour and enrichment hour.

The program is going through a state audit this year and may not be able to count students who do not attend most of the program. Not being able to count students toward attendance goals could affect the funding of the program. Losing program funding may affect being able to offer the program in its entirety to parents and their children.